Serenity Beauty

Hey there,
Serene came today for her first ever Gelish Manicure and she was super impressed with the process..
She wanted it to match the ROM dress she’s wearing tomorrow..

Her manicure:


Full set with Gelish Manicure:  $60

Her matching Pedicure:


Full set Gelish Pedicure:  $55


New Designs for April ~

Hey ladies!
I’ve done some new samples for all of u!
Anyway, the $25 Classic Gelish Promo is ending end of this mth ~
So… Do hurry down within this week ya?


Hope you guys like them!  see ya!  😀

Gothic Bling

Heyhey , it’s cutie pie YanLing’s second time here ~

And her previous manicure was still in-tack !

It lasted for more than a month !

Too bad i didnt take a picture of it for u guys ..




Well , anyway , she had me looking for the BLING RIBBONS for her manicure today ..

Let us have a look ~




Nail Art + Bling Charms : $30

(NOT incl. of Manicure)

Gold Pixie Dust

Emilia had her appt secured 2 weeks before .

She sent me lots of pictures and had ideas of how she wanted her nails to look like .

She was going to attend her cousin’s wedding the next day ..

Gold was the color she wanted ..





So .. how do u guys like this ?

Glittered Tip + Embossed Art + Crystals : $40

(NOT incl. if Manicure)

Roses for th’ birthday girl

Ok .. This is kinda sweet .

Damien went to Thailand for work and tasked me to surprise KY by doing her nails ..

At first she was told that i needed help for my exams , so .. she came down ..

But …

She …

Wasn’t …

Surprised …

At …

All …


Ok , let’s carry on .

She chose a light pink and knew she wanted roses .




Nail Art + Embossed Art + Crystals : $30

(NOT incl. of Manicure)